Our biggest Fundraising Event…EVER!

With an enthusiastic group of over 55 Parent Volunteers across two campuses, we were able to pull off the most successful fundraiser event in our foundation’s history! But the real credit and thanks go to our children and supportive families, who embraced the challenges that come with change, both with Eagle Chase itself AND the “new normal” that is our post-pandemic reality.

$60,447 Raised!

A 54% increase over last year’s Eagle Chase—our most successful jog-a-thon to date!

With more than $48,000 in online donations, our community adapted to our new web-based platform in a BIG way! As we had hoped, donations came from afar — Washington, Oklahoma, and Maine to England and Ireland! — which speaks to the breadth and power of our connections.

Record Participation!

477 students participated on the day(s) of our Eagle Chase, with 53% setting up their Online Profiles (that’s 253 students from 190 Golden Valley Families.) 

Over 1,100 donation requests were sent out; each Request Click averaged a $69 donation!

This year, 185 students raised $125 or more to earn Eagle Chase Apparel Prizes!

Top Flyers – 39 students raised $400 or more; one student raised an incredible $1,104.

At Golden Valley Educational Foundation we are always seeking to improve our school fundraising events. Please share your ideas. Send an email at [email protected]. Or join us and help make a difference in future events!

Thanks once again for helping us reach our fundraising goals and soaring to new heights!

With gratitude, your GVEF Eagle Chase Team
— Darryl Cragun, Kirsten Asher, Nick Talbert, and Laurie Gregg
    (special thanks for support from our former GVEF members Michelle Campbell and Carol Rocha)